Young gun

Today is the Mt. Roubidoux up hill TT. It is only 5 K long but sets a good tone for the race. I’m not a fan of TTs and much less prologue TTs. But a small up hill one is so much better than the 200 meter (2 Up) street sprint TT that we had a few years ago. That was really lame to say the least. This year though the TT went well (meaning pretty smooth/easy). No one brought TT bikes so that meant half the bikes compared to what we had last year. No one wanted TT wheels so again that meant half the wheels were left at the hotel. Because we only had road bikes and a few wheels we also left the team truck at the hotel. We took three team cars and just what we needed for extra wheels and we were in and out of there fast. Plus having the truck at the hotel still meant that Dave Pitts and Stephanie went back soon after our last rider went off and got started on bikes and massage right away. When I got back to the hotel Dave was pretty much done with the three bikes of seven so we flew through the last four and were off to dinner relatively fast.
I really don’t like to talk about the racing part of this job as it is more or less that. A job. I do it as best as I can regardless of win or loose. Winning does not get me going. Working hard and loving my job does get me going though.
But today Chris Horner rocked the race and won in convincing fashion. That guy is on fuego. On our side we had Dave Zabriski in second and Jurgen Van De Broeck in third. This new guy (Jurgen) is gonna rock the world soon if not immediately. He is the new up and coming young gun to watch out for. We have two new young Belgians. Jurgen and Stin Devolder are two of our new guys. Stin has done really well for us already over in Europe.
Jurgen put me on the rivet up Oak Glen Sunday and it showed why today. OK, I would have been on the rivet following just about anyone. But he put the hurt to me easily on Sundays recon ride.


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