Yasou aposten ellas

That is my first words of Greek that I learned coming here. It is almost 27 hours since I left my apartment in Sacramento and I’ve finally arrived here in Athens Greece. The flights were long as would be obvious but the only tough part was a 5 hour layover in Frankfurt. Sleep-a-holic that I am, I was able to get a 2 hour nap in the airport waiting for my last leg from Frankfurt to Athens. I’ve been getting better and better at traveling. Jet lag is almost a thing of the past. Mostly because I am of the mind of it is (fill in the time) Now and not 10 hours earlier (California time). The mind is a cool tool and if you think you are 10 hours off then you will be. If you can get right into current time (zone) thinking then that is a huge positive. That’s what I do. I always try to think “Current” time.
It was on this leg that I learned a little Greek Vocabulary. I sat next to a Native now living in Germany who got to come “home” to work the Olympics for the IOC in her homeland. So, Yasou aposten ellas. That’s “Hello from Athens” to all of you.
My preconceived notion of this Olympics was one of wonderment as I would have a hard time imagining them getting this big event in this country. For the reason being that I think of Greece as old (original) Olympic stadiums etc. But the Olympic Village is nothing if not modern. Getting into the Village is harder than meeting George Bush. The security was amazing.
I’ve got my accreditation but will have to go back to get it redone because I need another small part to allow my entry into the Cycling Road venue. Tomorrow I will get that done as well as all of the US Cycling delegation here will get processed. Meaning we will get swaged out. And it’s all about the swag here. I also brought some “bartering” material.
I arrived at our Apartment Complex for my first day here. But I believe I am staying at a hotel 3 Ks away starting tomorrow and lasting for a few days. I then transfer to another hotel for the TT plus two days prior. Bummer as I really wanted to “live” here. But I will do everything here just live off site. I will work, eat and play here just have to sleep somewhere else.
Many of you all have said congratulations on my nomination to the Olympic team as the official mechanic for the men. Many of you all have asked if I was excited/happy. My obvious answer was yes. This is a few firsts for me. Mostly the Olympic experience. But it really did not sink in till just this afternoon when I arrived at the village. Pinch me. It’s real!!!


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