Wrong day to experiment with your hair.

Giro rest day # 1
Today is a rest day and for me I’m stoked. I’m a bit tired from the stages so far. So a real treat to NOT have to get up at the crack of dawn. And not have to work late (just up to dinner time). I actually got a small walk in before dinner today. Who woulda thought!
We all knew Johan was to visit sometime at the Giro but not sure when exactly. So when Sean and Lorenzo took off in a car it was still a bit weird why. But when they pulled up later on and Johan got out of the car that was not too surprising. The real surprise was a visit By Lance also. That was cool. Cool because he came to show his support of the guys and the team in general.
Unfortunately for Tony he had Michael try a new hair cut style. The style for this rest day was a mohawk. Not exactly wrong to do but maybe not this day. He tried to hide it from the bosses with a hat but they found out. Can’t hid much in this small cycling community. Johan AND Lance were laughing just a little a bit at his new Hair do.

Somehow TV found out Lance was here at our hotel. So after dinner and a bit of a pause after dinner, Lance gave a short interview. Not cool on the TV people to just show up, but Lance was very curious even though he did not have to. It WAS his time and he was not even racing so that made it cool for me to see him give more of his time than usual. Lance’s way of ending the interview was to stroll over to Tony and pull off his hat to show his new mohawk to Italian TV. He said something like what guys do when they are bored on a rest day. We all got a small laugh unfortunately at Tony’s expense. Tony was cool about it though even though he was a little embarrassed.
Bad for Tony when Lance decided to show up.


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