What time (zone) is it?

The Monday after the tour, Dave and I drove our two rentals to Nijmagen Holland and dropped them off. We then took a train to Amsterdam so we could fly Tuesday, AM. I wanted to visit Amsterdam really badly to go play and sight see but I was so wasted I could only think dinner and go to bed. I passed out easily at 9:00 just after dinner unable to even watch TV.
In a cool coincidence I got to see my brother, his wife (my sister in law) and their two kids. My flight was to be originally Amsterdam — Chicago — Sacramento. When I went to check in at the United desk the clerk said my Chicago leg was full and if I would give up my seat I could go home via Washington/Dulles instead. In return they would bump me to Business class from Amsterdam and up to First class from Washington/Dulles. The only catch was it was two hours later. It was a no brainer for me. I took it. It was when I landed in Washington/Dulles that I saw my brother and his family sitting in my gate to Sacramento. They were on vacation in DC and were going home the same time/same flight. So it was cool to catch up a little with them and what they were doing on vacation.
I got home to Sacramento late Tuesday night to have a very short down time and turn around to go to NY for the NY invitational Criterium. Some would say why not go direct from the Tour to NY. I was only home for 35 hours. For me it was a chance to unwind, do laundry and most of all sleep in my own bed. Home is definitely a huge comfort factor. I don’t really travel a lot but during this time of year I get a bulk of my traveling packed into a short period. So even that short period at home was good to recharge the batteries a little.
So Today I flew into Philly to get our team car and load it with a minimum of supplies for the NY race. Dave flew in just after I did. Actually he got in about 90 minutes after I did. It gave me a lot of time to do the loading. He had the car loaded with his (Soigneur) supplies back in Philly just before we left the Philly/Pro Road championships. So for him, all he had to do is get in the car and go to NY with me.
A short relaxing dinner and we drove the short drive to NY. It was short UNTIL we got there. It took two hours to get to NY (to the Holland Tunnel) but it took a solid hour to get through the darn Holland tunnel. I guess at night is best for construction as it would bring traffic to a complete stop of done in the day time. But it was oddly strange to see traffic at a complete stand still at 11:00 PM on a Thursday.
Now, I’ve landed SOLIDLY in NY and just wondering what time (zone) we are in. OK, I know it is Pacific time. But still a bit strange to have been in Europe (France, Belgium and the Nederlands) then to home (California) and now here in NY. Jet lag? I don’t know what jet lag is. Because I’m never in a time zone long enough to know how it feels there.


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