Vacation over

Vacation is over and time to put the bike away. Bummer because that was fun. I was almost feeling some slight form coming on. I did work up to a total of almost 20 hours this past two weeks. Oh well the life of a team mechanic.
The Philly week (Pro roads) and the BMC races are promoted by the same company called Threshold sports. Threshold sports uses the Holiday Inn a lot. I’m pretty sure they have the Holiday Inn as a sponsor or supplier for all the races they do. The Ronde van Nederland (Tour of Holland) starts tomorrow and I’m going to call this race the Ronde van Van der Valke. That is because all the hotels we stay at during this tour will be at Van der Valke hotels. This is the same hotel chain we stay at when not on the road (and working at the service course). That one is called the “Nazareth” or Van De Velke-Nazareth. Nazareth is the city near Gent where the hotel is. Almost exactly the same exact hotel every where. Same rooms, same menu. I’ve eaten at the Van De Valke so many times, I don’t even need to look at the menu. I know all the things I like. Pannekoek met ijs alsjeblief. Meaning, Pancake with Ice Cream please. Actually more like a crepe with ice cream Yes, I’ll have one.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.