USPS team training camp in …….Denmark?

In 1998 I was still working for the Saturn team. That year we held our training camp in Buelton (as they still do to this day). It’s 3 miles away from Solvang. But for some reason (I can’t really remember anymore) I did not attend camp that year. I think it was my title/position on the team. For my first 3 years on Saturn, my title was team mechanic. But in 1998 I changed position to warehouse manager/Mechanic. I was responsible for everything going in and out of the Warehouse (Service Course). So, I think I was supposed to stay at the Service Course/Warehouse at ALL times to take care of shipments.
I’ve passed through this area before but never really visited it even though I live about 6 hours away in Sacramento. Here I am in Solvang and if you have never been here, it is like a little Denmark. The entire town has a look of Denmark. EVERY building. At least what they (here) think Denmark would look like. There are names like Royal Scandinavian Inn, Viking hotel. Etc. There are a few things that have a Scandinavian look while being a modern company/place. Things like Subway sandwiches. Normal Subway food but in a sort of Scandinavian outside look. There is a Mexican restaurant and a Belgian restaurant so things are of other cultures but the main culture theme is Scandinavian.
Our Euro staff disagrees though. They all say Denmark does not look like this. Maybe in the past (long, long time ago) but not now for sure. I would love to have some Scandinavian phrases to throw around. Then I could see who are the real Scandinavian imports and who are just lame Americans who live in the fantasy Scandinavian world called Solvang.
Rene W? Got any for me? Am I at the US Postal training camp in Denmark?
Today we also had a meeting with Park tool our new tool sponsor for 2003. Back with Saturn (Again back to Saturn you say) we were sponsored by Park tool all 4 years I was with them. I know a lot of their product. But they have designed some new stuff since them that I have not used/seen. After 8 years of being a pro mechanic I feel very comfortable doing just about anything related to my job. We were slated for a 2 hour seminar on tools and their use. I always think to myself to be a person who is confident but one who does not know everything but willing to learn. I always feel there is something to learn from someone or even from everyone. The mechanic who knows (or thinks he or she) knows everything, if full of shit.
I’ve been a USCF category 2 mechanic on my license almost forever. I was upgraded from 4 to 3 to 2 pretty quickly because the USCF head mechanic at the time thought I should not be a 4 or even a 3. I never applied for either upgrade way back then. The MAC (mechanics counsel) had recently (I was told) decided/voted to give me a upgrade to Cat 1 mechanic. A upgrade I had not really planed on applying for. I don’t care about the status symbol of being a 1. I’m either good at what I do or not good at what I do. I’m going to have to admit though, I went into the Park tool meeting very cocky. I sort of said to myself, “What does Calvin/Park tool have to show me/teach me?” And for 2 hours? We’ll I learned something in the first 10 minutes. And the things I learned kept on coming. Am I good at what I do? I think so. I don’t think I’d be on a team like this for the past 3 plus seasons and 4 seasons with Saturn, If I was bad. But does that mean I’m great? I don’t know. Do I know everything? Hell no. Am I perfect? Not even close. If I ever think I’m perfect mechanic, that is the day I’m full of shit. I used to be the “Not so fast” as quoted by someone. Now I don’t think I’m the “not so fast guy” anymore. But still wanting to be even faster.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.