“Unlock the door, pump tires and back to bed.”

Today (and this camp in general) was a easy day. And I’m glad it was to. I’m still wacked from this “bug” I have. And I am opperating at 30% power/effeciency this morning. So little,energy/strength but I still have to work. Not too many sick days on this job. Lucky I have Geoff Brown here to help. Ausin camp is usually light work wise but still a need for two mechanics. Geoff rarely gets to do US events so a treat for him for sure.
So, I basically got up, had (VERY LITTLE) breakfast and headed to the truck to prep for the days ride. We got the bikes out, pumped the tires, racked the follow car and that was it. When it was time for the ride to go out.
Geoff went in the follow car and I headed back to my bed to try to recharge.
The rest of the day was pretty much a blur except that I tried to time it to be outside when the ride finished and collect the bikes and put them away for the day. Then back to bed again till tomorrow morning.


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