Monday after the SFGP, BJ and I started the drive to Houston for our last official race fore 2001. We were looking forward to this as we would be in BJ’s hood and he knew where were going to have some fun. Tuesday morning we were awaken by his mother calling on his cell phone telling us to turn on the TV. We were both in shock watching the news. At the time we both did not predict the trickledown of the terrible act so after about 45 minutes of watching the news we continued our drive to Houston. Wednesday after hearing about the problems we could be having at airports (athletes coming in for the race via airplanes) I called the office and was told that there was a great chance that Houston could be canceled. I told them I had to continue our drive even if the chance of the event was going to happen was slim. I had all the equipment. Thursday while we were about 200 miles from Houston, my friend Fernando told us to flip a bitch. The race was officially canceled. Since BJ had to go home to Houston anyway we stayed the night there. Without a race to do the Threshold sports people, some of the Saeco staff, BJ and I decided to go bowling to have a little distraction. Our race turned into a mini vacation as we stopped by Dave Bolch’s house (our soigneur) who lives in Lubbock, TX. Without a serious return date, BJ and I got to relax and take our time driving home. Just the opposite of our trip earlier this year when we had to get our caravan car in LA a do some serious driving to Washington, DC. I’m sure other team staff had to a similar hold pattern until the decision of the race happening or not was made. Even with all the events that had happened I was hoping to see the race go on. I would have enjoyed it and it would have kind of kept some sort of normalcy. Now we made a U-turn and are headed back to SF to drop off a car and end our season. I’m not off till our mini camp in December and our real camp in January. See you all nest year.


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.