True F%#&ing story — Freaky animal life

Both of these stories are slightly off topic (not really race related) but rather what happened on this trip and the other is a true story from the past. Mike Neel (Sierra Nevada DS) tells some funny stories. All are good. All are true. But to really emphasize them he says before hand that it is a “True F%#&ing story” at the same time pointing/jabing his pointer finger into either the table top or his other palm to “Magnify” the true reality of the story. He will repeat both the Phrase and the pointing action many times before getting to the story. We believe you Mike.
The first story took place about 15 years ago. Real time for all that is described is about 7 to 10 seconds tops.
While riding with a local Junior racer (K-Dub) along the road we travel often, a squirrel came darting across our path. I hit the brakes to avoid it but K-Dub had not chance to avoid it. The squirrel hit his back wheel and somehow got caught inside the spokes in a Ferris wheel ride action. The squirrel went around about 4 to 5 times before figuring out how to jump out of the wheel, only to land on K-dubs left foot. With K-dub still pedaling, the squirrel took another 4 to 5 “Ferris wheel Laps.” Trying desperately to get off the “RIDE” the squirrel jumped off his left foot, through the bike frame and now onto his right foot. Without missing a beat K-dub still pedaled as the squirrel took his now customary 4 to 5 “Ferris wheel laps.” Finally the squirrel was able to get off this death ride and scattered off towards a house and (still pretty dazed from the ride) he plowed straight into a garbage can and there was a loud “Thump.” He survived I’m sure but he was riddled with bad luck on this odd ride.
Today one of our staff was walking along to the coffee shop to meet us and relax with our daily cup of Joe. Short story was that she saw something coming at her but could not make it out till it was too late. Am small bird managed to truly hit her in the head as the bird was in mid flight. How often do you see birds fly into a clean window? It happens pretty often I think. But flying into a person? This is a first for me to hear about.
To quote Mike Neel…………”True F%#&ing storie(s).


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.