Gotta Have Tools for 2006

New tools for the 2006 racing season.

  1. LockJaw
    LockjawMove over Visegrip, make room for something easier. Lockjaw has come out with a new locking plier that self adjusts so that gripping an item can occur faster. Plus, you can adjust the tension requried for a grip and you don’t have to reposition your hands to hit the release lever. This saves time while preventing the tool from jumping out of your hands when it snaps open. The only downfall, the spring mechanism causes the Lockjaw to weigh more than a normal locking plier.
    More information can be found at
  2. Ready Tools Self-Storing Socket System
    Most of us carry a ratcheting socket wrench and a set of sockets. That’s two separate items taking up vital toolbox space. Ready Tools released a ratcheting socket wrench with an internal cavity that holds a set of sockets. This saves space while making it easier to find your sockets when you walk away from your toolbox.
    More information is located at
    Ready Tool Ratchet
  3. Seatek Fold-A-Saw
    What’s the largest item in your tool box? Odds are its your hacksaw. Seatek recently released a folding hacksaw that not only saves space but makes it easier to pull it from the box without having to remove numerous other tools. Plus, the top bar holds two traditional 12″ blades in its cavity when the handle and lever arm are folded in place.
    More information can be found at
    Seatko Folding Saw

We’ve tested all three products and they have replaced our previous tools. These are keepers.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.