Gotta Have tools 2003

Five tools that every mechanic must have for 2003.

  1. Koolstop Tire JackKool Stop Tire Bead Jack
    This will be the savior for all you clincher teams out there. Make sure you have one of these before your next tire mounting session as it will prevent pinching tubes and reduce the soreness and cramps you get from installing hundred of tires.
  2. FSA bearing guideFSA Headset Guide Tool
    Not really a toll for traveling with but great for shop use. This tool has gauges to measure all the current cartridge bearing standards including the integrated systems. Got a rider with an integrated headset but lost his bearings in travel, stick this guide inside his headset and let him know what size he needs.
  3. Pedros Liquid X
    A new longer lasting lube from the folks at Pedros. This one was formulated by their mother company, Swix, using their ski racing technology to repel dirt and water. No longer will your team riders be begging for more lube during the race. Yep, we’ve seen ’em doing it.
  4. Shimano Bleed Kit
    Finally a bleed kit designed for a single mechanic. No longer do you have to wait for another mechanic or a friend to hold the hoses in place. Hey, remember that Shimano uses mineral oil, not hydraulic fluid.
  5. 10mm hex wrench10mm Allen Wrench
    Yep, gotta carry this too. This tool used to be left behind at the shop as it was only needed for cassette body replacement. Now you need these to install or remove some Shimano cranks. Yep, XT and LX now have 10mm crank bolts.

Thanks to Kool Stop, Park Tool and FSA for photos


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.