Gotta Have Tools

Ten tools that every neutral mechanic must have for 2000.

  • Alloy Gapping Tools
    If you will be working any Women’s, Master’s or Elite Men’s races you should consider a new set of gapping tools. These riders are using more titanium, aluminum and carbon bikes than in the past and almost all of them are using carbon forks. The dropouts on these frames and forks are much larger than steel bikes, thus new dropout tools are needed. A good source is CJ Goodrich of Syren Designs. You can reach him at Another good source is Koichi Yamaguchi of The Bicycle Laboratory in Rifle, Colorado. He can be reached at (970) 625-8401 or at . Many of us on the MAC council have a set of his beautiful steel gapping tools. If you can’t afford a new set, you might consider locating an old alloy frame and cutting off the dropouts. This should get you by for some time.
  • Mavic spoke wrench
    Ah yes, another new nipple. If you planb on working on the new road or mountain wheels from Mavic you have to get a new spoke wrench. The nipples are similar to spline drive but are of a different size.
  • 100/105 bb plug
    What do you do if a rider has lost their splined crank bolt? You whip out your handy-dandy bb plug and your traditional crank extractor.
  • pedros chain keeperPedros Chain Keeper
    Pedros with the help of their neutral support program have created a nice tool that holds the chain in place while washing the bike. Yep, time to throw out the old worn out Var tool.
  • BMX freewheel tool
    Either get out a big drill bit or get yourself a new freewheel tool that fits over 14mm axles. As jumping grows in popularity so has the axles and 14mm seems to be the new standard.
  • JAG Wire Tool
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that could cut housing and wires, strip Gore cables, crimp ferrules and press nipples? Check out the JAG Wire tool. It looks and feels like the Shimano tool except it has some added features.
  • Shimano 9sp Chain Tool
    Got one yet? Better get one soon as almost every racer is now on 9sp. You might want to consider Shimano’s tool. Why not get one from the big chain supplied themselves? Already got one? How about a new push pin?
  • Motorcycle Tire Irons
    Ya ya, we know your a buff guy but try to get off some of those heavy duty tires with those wimpy plastic levers. Buy yourself a set of alloy moto irons. Okay, sometimes they scratch the rim. Hey, they’re downhillers. The scratch the rims all the time.
  • Park TS5 Truing Stand
    Tired of dragging around the shop beast in your tool box? How about having to re-true the stand after banging it around in the back of the car? Park has a new device which bolts onto the side of their bike stands cutting the weight you have to haul around.
  • Crown Race Removal Tool
    If anyone knows of a tool that doesn’t damage the race or suspensions fork please let me know. So far, nothing works better on these forks than a screwdriver and hammer. Toll makers please help us…
  • CClinton

    Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.