Time for time off!

Bernard KOCIS- Journal

Being able to schedule time off is one of the hardest things to do on a team. Of course, riders do this regularly as part of their training and racing plan but staff have a more difficult time of it. Especially when staff are only a few people doing all the work required to keep the team functioning.
I feel lucky to be able to write this in the middle of my “time off”. Steve and Josée had to revise the July racing schedule when the Tour de Toona went from a Stage Race to a one day Crit. Since there are lots of one-day races around the US and Canada during this time they decided to give the riders their choice of where to race or train and give the staff some much needed time off. Of course, Steve and Josée go directly to their other job, Steve Bauer Bike Tours at the Tour de France!! I know they are enjoying themselves and hope all goes well!!

My time off began driving (ahh….more driving) to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a week of beach fun with my wife and son. If I wasn’t so addicted to cycling, I would be at the beach as much as possible. Surfing has been a life long passion that I don’t get to indulge too often. Did get enough time in the water to realize I need to stay in better shape throughout the year so I don’t get to be one of the statistics of people pulled out of the ocean each summer.
During our stay, on one day, the Ocean Patrol pulled 72 people out of the water including one fatality. I was able to assist on pulling 2 of those people out as I made first contact while body surfing and heard a child and woman screaming for help. Both made it.
Became a good lesson for my son. He is constantly in the shore break and seeing the rip currents form and how people get sucked in was something he’ll remember for life.

Back at home again, I have opportunity to refine some procedures, re-stock the tool case, begin thinking about next season and how to transition smoothly. Including adding to a growing list of mechanics to work with the team.

As Team RACE Pro grows, opportunities will come for more work for more mechanics.

From the responses and contacts that have come from mechanics visiting ProMechanics.com, I’m optimistic that I will find help here first. Which for me, is very satisfying…I have been around this business for a long time and have admired Chris Clinton for his dedication to this profession. Being able to get useful people and information from this site is especially satisfying to me. I just hope, one day, Chris gets the compensation he certainly deserves for his tenacious efforts keeping this site alive in all it’s forms.

I should sign off now, there are three bikes needing attention…a good washing for sure to get rid of the sand and salt…should wash the car too…is this really “time off”?!!