They found us.

I arrived at the Hotel Monday about dinner time. Riders arrived all day Wednesday. Someone told me they had a (big?) article in the Tucson paper telling the fact that we were going to be here for our training camp. When, where etc. Damm! So much for anonymity.
Wednesday day and night seemed quiet. Thursday all day seemed quiet too. But today they all converged upon us. Lance draws attention everywhere. He is our star rider by far. After 2 tour wins who wouldn’t be? Today in the area where we start our rides (by the tent and storage container) there were tons of reporters, photographers, news cameras and fans. You did not even have to ask where Lance was. Just look for the huge crowd with flashes going off and microphone booms hovering over the crowd around him.
Damm, we were found out. No biggie though. I just stand back and do my job as riders ask for a wrench or ask me to adjust something for them. Normal pre-ride stuff for me. We even drew a few people from Telemundo (or some Spanish TV I think). Having lots of Spanish speaking riders drew them here to interview some other riders besides Lance. Antonio Cruz, Pena, Herras, Rubierra were hit hard by these reporters. It was pretty packed in the parking lot today. Is it going to be like this every day? Crazy if it will be.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.