The sleeping world championships

I just arrived in Macon France in time for dinner. On Tuesday at 3:20 am my alarm went off and I boarded my shuttle at 3:45 to get to the airport for my 6:00 am flight to Brussels Belgium. I met up with Kenny Labbe in Washington Dulles and we both made it safely to Brussels. We were picked up by a friend of Louise who was the main organizer of our Postal sponsor Tour De France week. An hour later we were in Ghent at the team service course to pick op some of my bike supplies and then Kenny and I were off driving to the middle of France.
After the 700 ks of driving we arrived at our hotel for the night. All told I was in a plane for 13 plus hours, and the entire trip from Sacramento to Macon France took 29 plus hours. l did the entire pull (drive) from Ghent to Macon as Kenny navigated. We only got lost a little so I was pleased we made it to our hotel in a reasonable amount of time. Time for a well deserved dinner.
It’s a good thing I’m able to sleep in moving vehicles. I’ve been known to sleep in cars (especially in the caravan) planes, trains and boats. If I knew for sure I would not fall off the back of a motorcycle (as a passenger), I’d probably be able to sleep on one of those too. Out of the 13 hours plus of fly time I think I slept about 10 or so of those. If sleeping while traveling was a championship sport, I think I’d be a medalist for sure.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.