The destroyer

A few years, ago at Sea Otter, our male Soigneur who hails from Lubbock (enough clues?) had issues with the closet door in our hotel room. That year we had no truck and had to store bike bags (among other things) in our hotel room. So he and I tried to put them all inside. Well, I was hesitant but he tried to put his shoulder into it. The net result was bags inside but door took a “HIT.” I’m not sure how much the door cost but I’m fairly sure it was not cheap. It was destroyed.
Well, this year he continued his rampage. We, as many teams, use rider radios so that our director can communicate tactics. Our radio uses a big ass antenna that sits via (Powerful) magnet on top of our car. After each day our Soigneur takes it off to prevent theft. This day his room was packed and thus moved the antenna to get some stuff. He decided (without much thought) to put it on top of the TV. A few hours later when we were watching the TV, it looked like some old Star Trek show in old “BASIC” color. Actually it was worse. It looked as if there was some odd waves of color combined with the “basic” color of the old Star Trek TV show.
Dave the destroyer. Ooops, I said his name.
Lucky for us/him the next day we turned on the TV and it reverted back to normal colors.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.