Thanks Max!!!!

Giro Stage 9
Today’s stage finished in Ravenna. But out hotel is in Cesenatico about 50k south of Ravenna. All other teams besides ourselves and one other team are in Ravenna. Tomorrow is a rest day but Wednesdays stage starts in Ravenna so another 50k transfer that day back to the start city.
In-between Tirenno Adricatico and Milan San Remo there are three days off. So this year Max (owner our hotel here in Cesenatico) offered to host our team (and only our team) between the two early season races. Apparently he even let us stay for free only paying for the food. Hosting a 8 rider team and staff for three days would normally cost us (or any team) a pretty penny. But Max was cool and let us stay for free. What a treat.
So, when he knew the stage finished in Ravenna he asked the Giro organizer if he could host our team after the stage (and the rest day too). And again only our team. What a treat to stay in a quiet area AND away from most media AND for two days with the rest day to boot. Thanks Max!!!!


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.