Taking a (rare) sick day

Today is the Trenton edition of the First Union series. Today I get to stay at the hotel in Philly as Juan will go in the car and Julien will go also and help out before and after the race. I’m sick as a dog today. I’m guessing it was the (bad) salad at yesterday’s lunch. I’ve been in bed from Dinner Wednesday. I only got up Thursday morning to open the truck and sit there as Juan and Julien prep for the race. I only wanted to be there (at the truck) if they had questions on where stuff was or what I had or did not have available. After that it was back to bed. Basically I slept from Wednesday dinner time until Friday morning.
Both Julien and Juan do difficult programs (lots of races) in Europe so it was basically up to me to go in the car every day here. I was hoping to get at least one day off but I understood they both would be going back to a ton of work. So, I really did not mind that much that I was caravan car dude for the three races. I guess getting sick was the only way I was able to get out of going in the caravan car.
Today’s race (So I was told) was terrible. It was pouring rain and on a slick brick section on one part of the course and a ton of tight turns it was a nightmare for the team cars to service riders. I got lucky my (rare) sick day was today.


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