Statistics 2001

Now that my season is officially over, here are some numbers of what I did for the 2001 season. I’ll give you some of the things I do most. These numbers are based on my 18 day race schedule.
18 – Race days
The following statistics will include both training camps
138 – Days on the road
58 – Different Beds
24 – Cars washed (we have at most a truck, car and van at most races)
100 – Bikes washed
20,200 – Miles driven
1,100 – Miles in the caravan car/follow car
When it comes to bikes and cars washed, I had help in the form of another mechanic or two. So, you need to figure they added to some of the above numbers. These washed cars and bikes too.
I had Eric at Redlands/Sea Otter, Julien and Juan at Philly week and Geoff at SFGP.
In 1995 during my first year as a pro mechanic with the Saturn team I remember the following.
48,000 – Miles driven
360 – Bikes washed
100 – Cars washed.
Again we were a team of three mechanics so they had (almost) similar numbers to ad to mine.
Till next season


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.