It’s very exciting to be on a Division One team. One of the plusses is we have the budget to do many things as well as be treated well. Our camp here in Tucson is just plain great. It’s hard not to equate dollars with quality but sometimes you pay through the nose for things that were just simply not worth it. Here though it is nice (and expensive). I heard our rooms are something like $350 a night. Although we have a group rate which we have worked out, it is still costly. Damm, I feel spoiled though. I guess if you are the defending Tour team, there are a certain levels to be expected in all parts of team life.
Today only staff will arrive with riders to arrive throughout the day tomorrow. Even though, some of our staff was delayed in Chicago. All the staff that was to fly from Belgium had to stay the night in Chicago and will be getting here just before the riders tomorrow. Unfortunately for the soigneurs (mainly Dave B.) it means massive amounts of people to get at the airport tomorrow. At least having the staff come a day early, it would have meant airport runs were spread out over two days. Now (almost) everyone will be coming in all day long. Dave is going to know (find out) the fastest way to the airport by tomorrow the way he is going. One of the unpleasant (but necessary) jobs of a soigneur.


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