Spanish time

Today’s race her in Danbury is a good hard race. One of the coolest things about this race is the time it starts. Today we start about noon. Yeah!!! Get up, then mosey on down to get some breakfast down the street and slowly make my way back to the hotel to prepare the bikes (and spare bikes and spare wheels and wash the car) for today’s day in the office.
Fortunately I had no mechanicals and never had to get out of the car. A tough race as one rider after another was getting dropped. At one point riders were getting dropped it seemed like we were in a star wars space ship flying through a meteor shower trying to avoid them. Riders were getting dropped so fast it seemed like they were hitting their brakes.
In a lot of the Spanish races (and others too in Europe) the race starts late in the early afternoon so that the race finishes at about 5:00 PM for prime time TV viewing. Today’s race felt like that. Start at noon and finish at about 4:00. We’re on Spanish time here.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.