Spanish – The weather

Before I left Europe this past September I was told by both Johan and Dirk, who are the two directors, to learn to drive a truck (get a Class A license) and to learn Spanish. I feel like I know a lot of different languages but not much of any one language. Maybe 25 words each of French, Spanish, German, Italian and maybe 10 words of Dutch.
My roommate for this camp is Alejandro Vasquez from Spain who worked for Kelme for 7 years. He comes with Roberto Heras who persuaded Alejandro to not retire and come to our team. So, I have a great teacher as he is trying to learn English and I wish to learn Spanish. We are a US team but the odd thing is I am the only American staff member here in Austin. Dave Bolch is the only other American staff member (soigneur). I’m surrounded by (here in Austin) Belgians (Johan, Dirk, Freddy/soigneur, Jean-Mark/Mechanic) and Spanish (Louis/Doctor, Michele/Doctor, Pepe/Trainer). English is not the primary language spoken here (in the heart of Texas). Of the riders here, 5 are Americans, 2 are Spanish, 1 is Colombian, 1 is French and 1 is Norwegian. So even the riders are not all speaking English.
Why are we here in Austin? The first is obvious……Lance wants everyone to come here to his hood. The second is because there is (normally) good weather here. I really like Austin so you don’t have to twist my arm to get me here. I was in California before this and it is cold there so warm weather was also inciting. Where the hell is the warm weather? Saturday was a high of 49. Sunday it only got up to about the low 40s and today it was 49 again. I want a refund if the weather is not getting better. I checked the AOL weather and see good (warmer) weather ahead so I’m hoping it does.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.