Smooth as Silk

This morning we had breakfast and went to work at about 9:00. Julien and Geoff went over the parts that I inventoried yesterday while Chris, Juan, Alan, Craig and I started to unbox wheels, tires, tubes and cogs. We spent the better part of the morning doing wheel prep. Taking it all out of boxes, putting on the tires, tubes and cogs. Add a pinch of grease on the lockring of the cogs and to the “axle and threads” of the QR skewer slowed the process compared to the average consumer that omits these processes. Just before noon Julien and Geoff returned after making a rider parts list (more detailed than my simple inventory count) where they count things like how many riders need size “X” crank and Size “Y” handle bar and stem.
So Julien and Geoff then went into Headsets and BB installs in the frames so Chris, Juan and Alan can start building bikes. Craig and I continued with wheels. Just after lunch Craig and I finished wheels and jumped in to build bikes too helping the other 3 guys building bikes. By the end of the day we had about 10 bikes built and all the wheels done.
Geoff was in Canada over the holidays and Juan was in Mexico for with his family. So those two had an easy transition time zone wise. Julien, Chris and Alan had a 9 hour Euro difference. But Craig had it worse as he came from New Zealand and was at a 14 hour time difference. So, for those guys they need to get into current time ASAP. So, we tried to stay up late to put them straight into California time. How do we do that? We went to a local bar of course. There we saw a bartender who used to work at our hotel. She now works at a restaurant/bar about 3 miles away near Buellton. So, it was a nice treat to see her. She always treated us with kindness when she was here at our hotel. Often she would bring us drinks (beers) and treats (cookies).


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.