Scared straight

An easy day in store for us today as it is not too long of a ride. Julien and Juan went in the follow cars today and for some reason not one flat was to be had. Julien sometimes has a bit of intimidation over riders. But since he went in the follow car, were the riders in a bit of fear of his wrath and avoided flats at all cost? Coincidence or not? Kind of humorous for me.

Yesterday and today there is STILL mud all over the roads here so washing is seeming to be a daily ritual at this camp. Like I said before, we normally do a wash every third day or so. We’ve collectively have washed 84 bikes to date at this camp. Whooooooooooo!

At least they were scared straight in the “not getting flats” department. That save us a bit of work for sure.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.