Same as it ever was (The Talking heads)

Tour de Georgia – Stage 5
Dalton to Brasstown Bald Mt.

We are at the same resort as last year. Not only that, we are even in
the same building we had last year. Five condos in this building
(multiple 4 and 5 condo “Blocks/buildings” in this resort). But in our
building, two of them have water damage so we are using one condo across
the street (70 meters walk) and 5 normal hotel rooms in the main lodge.
The best thing about these condos is all the space, as everyone got a
room to themselves. The condos were usually 3 bedrooms per. With 7
riders taking up two condos, that left one other condo for the last
rider and two soigneurs. And finally one condo for Johan, Eki, Duffy and
Dr Dag while PJ, Craig, Kurt, Jared and I stayed in the lodge hotel
rooms. Easy.

These condos have full kitchens and plenty of room. Best of all is
laundry machines in each condo. I did not even hook up water to the
truck. I put out a short hose to wash bikes and cars but that’s it.
Usually the hotel mechanic (me this race) and the hotel soigneur do
laundry for the rest of the staff as soon as we get to the hotel. And
usually the staff needing laundry does the minimum to get by. So the
truck can do rider laundry immediately after the race finishes. But here
we have plenty of washers and dryers. So almost all the staff is
going to catch up completely with their laundry. Only two more stages
(and three days with traveling) but it is nice to have a full suitcase
of clean laundry.

I really like this resort. Everything is easy to get to here. It seems
pretty spread out but it is not really that bad compared to the layout
they show you. The meal room is only a short walk. The gas station is
less than a mile away. Last year we were here for two days. Too bad we
are only here for one day this year. to quote the talking heads music
group “Same as it ever was” (as in 2006?). Please?