Room to move around

Dave Bolch counts beds for fun. Every year he counts how many different beds he sleeps in. No, not that way. If he stays in the same bed for a week, that counts as only one bed. In 1996 he had about 90 beds. In 1997 he had 97 beds. He has never broken the 100 barrier in one year. He expect to break that goal this year though. He is currently in bed #89. Yesterday and the day before he was in bed #88. Again, the same bed for two days counts as only one.
Today we are staying at an AC hotel/restaurant. I had a bad feeling about this hotel because the last AC we stayed at was the one that was situated OVER the freeway (Tour regione Wallone). That one was small, had terrible food, noisy (cars and trucks flying by) and they wanted to charge us for power and water. This one is much nicer and basically the opposite of the other one. It has good food, and most of all it has a big room. So, after I finished my bikes and went to my room (rooming with Dave the past three days), I said to him, “How come we couldn’t have THIS big room for two days in a row.” Dave said the same thing but in a little funnier way than I did. He said, “How come I we couldn’t have stayed two days in Bed #89 (today’s big room) in stead of two days in bed #88 (the box of a room). That is Dave’s frame of mind. The numbers. I wonder if he remembers what beds were good. I think he might say something like. ” OH, I remember bed # 43, that was nice.”


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