Rules and Regulations for Race Vehicles

as of 12-3-04

Thinking of acquiring a team or company vehicle? Take a few minutes to look this over as you may discover that you are seeking the wrong vehicle or that the one you’re considering may strain the company trying to abide by the regulations. Already have one? Definitely read this as we are finding that a lot of teams and companies are not abiding by federal regulations and this may lead to some significant fines and possibly jail time.

Many programs are getting by with no problems so far. Great, for now that is. These groups shouldn’t think they can avoid the regulations for long. With various highway patrols, the DOT and other groups cracking down on violators and enforcing the rules, it’s only a matter of time. How do we know, we’ve been caught ourselves. One group was caught passing a scale and they were only driving a box truck. Another was caught using a state license with an endorsement that was not honored outside their home state. Yep, it goes on and on and you don’t want to be the one caught breaking the law.

Last thought before jumping into the regulations: programs renting vehicles must abide by the rules too. Yep, just because the program doesn’t own the vehicle doesn’t mean the company can avoid the rules. A driver of any vehicle is required to abide by the rules set aside for the size vehicle being used.

Note: we are not including rules for military, farming and fire personnel and drivers in this packet.

This information is broken down amongst a few pages to make it easier to load over the web. We have also provided a pdf version here if you’d like to print out a copy.

Let’s begin: