Recommended Tool List

Portable bike repair stand – collapsible and able to handle OS tubing
Tool box – portable, light and strong
Work apron
Thread pitch gauge
Dial calipers
Spoke ruler
Tape measure – metric & standard
Taps & dies: 3×0.5, 4×0.75, 5×0.8, 6×1, 10×1, pedal taps, easy outs and a handle tap
Heli-coil kits: 5×0.8, 6×1, 10×1
Pencil type scribe and magnet
Floor pump with gauge able to deliver 10 atm, usable for presta and shraeder
Bottom Bracket tools:

  • single peg lockring spanner
  • lockring pliers
  • adjustable pin spanners
  • fixed Cup spanners
  • Stein fixed cup clamp
  • various sealed BB tools

Crankarm bolt wrenches – 14 through 16mm socket, 7 & 8mm allen key
Crankarm removers – nut & bolt type
Crankarm removal thread chaser
Pedal wrench
Freewheel and cassette lock ring removers
Chain rivet tool
Chain wear checker
Cog wear checker
Chain whip – track and road pitch
Drop out alignment tools
Derailleur hanger alignment tools
Cable cutter
Housing cutter
Headset spanners – 32 through 36mm plus 40mm
Fork crown race remover
Brake centering tools – 11 through 13mm
Cone wrenches – 14 through 17mm
Spoke wrenches
Spoke tension gauge
Disc wheel adapter
Tire levers
Large adjustable wrenches – 12″ or 15″
Small adjustable wrenches – 6″ or 8″
Allen wrenches – 2 through 19mm
Screw drivers – straight and philips in different sizes
Hammer – 12 oz. ball peen
Plastic/rubber combination mallet
Hacksaw and blades (24 & 32 tpi)
Pliers – regular, needle nose, channel lock type & vise grips
Diagonal cutters
Torx drive set
Assorted drifts, punches and chisels
Files – bastard, mill bastard, half rat, and round
Permanent marker
Pen flashlight
Magnifying glass
Wash kit
Fannybag for race day tools
Gapping tools
Gloves for wheel changes
Tapered ream