Q – Would you like anything else?

Today was an easy day. The past few days have been pretty easy also. Jean-Mark has gone in the follow car everyday to follow the team rides so I’ve had the mornings off. That and as I said yesterday, we have done little washing and just a few turns of a few screws each day. This is the life.
So, I feel all I do is sit around. Almost every day though, the Euros want to go shopping for all kinds of things from computers to clothing and most of all the coveted phone cards to call home. The other main thing I do is eat. Since all meals were prepaid, we basically eat all meals here at the hotel. They are pretty good to boot. Today was a special treat. It was our first team dinner out of the hotel. I’m sorry Dave, you missed out. A trip to the Salt Lick was in store for the team. I’ve traveled around the US for the past 6 years as a mechanic and I have some favorite eating spots around the US. This is easily my favorite BBQ place. This is an old building with bench seats ALA picnic tables. They don’t serve alcohol so it is BYOB. You’ll see many groups of people drag in coolers full of their favorite beverage with beer being the most common. It goes with BBQ great so why not. The most common meal ordered is “Family Style” meaning BBQ beef brisket, Ribs and Sausage. All three of them are so good you’ll easily eat more than you should. That and they bring out plate after plate as it is also an all you
can eat dinner. The Euros loved it. Lance was in his element wearing his typical Texas 10 gallon hat. You can take the boy out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas our of the boy. I was totally at my limit when the Waitress asked about dessert. Sure, why not?
When any of you are in Austin Texas, try to make your way to the Salt Lick for some world class BBQ. Actually it is in Driftwood Texas. Just south (I think) of Austin.
Ahhhhhhhh the life of a mechanic. The glamour. The press. The prestige. THE FOOD! The only answer to the waitresses question of: Would you like anything else? would be ……………………………………….
Can you get me a wheelchair and wheel me home please?


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