Providence here I come.

I’m off to France for our annual champions club Tour De France trip to the “SHOW.” The Champions club will do daily rides of certain key (cool) parts of a few of the courses/stages during the last week of the Tour. They will also have organized lunches and usually get to see parts of the race live such as the Alp D’Huez up hill TT. This trip again is planned to operate like a bicycle tour group but only for our Champions club.
To get here, though I had to deal with delays on the plane flight over.
Immediately upon boarding the Sacramento-Chicago leg of my flight, we were told we had a 90 min delay before we could take off to Chicago. I did not look to see specifically but knew I only had (roughly) a 90 min layover to get on my next flight to Amsterdam. After a few minutes passed the captain announced it would only be a 60 min delay which sounded doable but I would have to be faster than Marion Jones to get to the next gate if it was far.
I finally arrived in Chicago with a bit less than 20 min to get to my next flight as I looked up on the departure board. “Gate C9” it said and I was relieved as our first plane landed at gate 24. I was confident to be able to run to get there in time. I did with about 3 min to spare as the flight attendant yelled “last call for boarding.” She tore my ticket and I ran onto the plane just barely hesitating for her to give me my ticket stub. I jammed my carry on in the bin and just about to sit down as the same flight attendant called at me frantically. She yelled to me to say I was not to go. Because it was the flight to Providence, RI. So, I quickly got off thinking I REALLY missed my flight as they had the Providence flight going AFTER the Amsterdam flight that I was originally scheduled to take.
I started to think of other ways to get to Europe/Amsterdam since I was too late for my normal scheduled flight. I was then told that the Providence flight that I hastily jumped on was delayed from it’s original schedule and thus DELAYED my Amsterdam flight. YES!!!. I now had a full hour till the now late Amsterdam flight.
I’m not sure how many Providence – Amsterdam (Europe) flights there are but would guess not too many if at all. I would love to visit Providence once again but probably not this specific time. Calling one of my bosses from Rhode Island would also be another fun task.
Providence here I come!?!?!?!?!


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.