On Holiday

Today was the longest stage of the Redlands Stage race. The Oak Glen stage. It is also the only stage where we have a caravan (team follow vehicle). I decided that Eric would get his first taste of a caravan stage. So, I put him into the car as our team mechanic today. On the plus side we had only one flat that Mavic serviced. On the negative side Eric never got out of the car to do any changes. In a strange way, I had hoped he was going to get a chance to change a wheel under pressure. I wanted to see how he would perform under the gun. Not to happen this time.
Last night, I had told Frankie that I was putting Eric in the car. Frank’s first response was “That’s fine with me” The second response was “You’re really on holiday aren’t you?”. In my defense, I did have some new wheels to prepare for gluing. And I also had some organizing to do with in truck since we got a lot of things just before this race. I spent about two hours of worth on my “Holiday” Not necessarily a hard day but not a holiday for sure. But since Redlands has such short stages and we stay at one hotel for the entire stage race it is sort of a holiday. Pretty easy.


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