No pressure………really

Fumiyuki is totally at awe of our team. Given the fact that he got little on his past amateur French team he is excited when he gets heaps of team clothing and also his cool laptop computer provided by AMD our technologies sponsor.
We were all at the coffee shop just hanging out when a couple of riders talked about the new computers. Fumiyuki showed his excitement when that subject came up. Roger Hammond could not resist the open door moment to joke with Fumiyuki. He said with a straight face that all was good with the new computer as long as he won 5 races. Otherwise he would have to give it back to the team.
Fumiyuki’s eyes lit up with shock to the as of now unheard of results parameters. He did not realize Roger was joking so Roger took it up a notch. He said to Fumiyuki to not worry, as he had lots of time to get the results. He had from now till March to get the 5 wins. Again Fumiyuki was blown away. I can see Fumiyuki trying to explain to Johan his short results list and being sad at the same time. WE broke down laughing and relieved him by telling him it was not true. He was relieved and we all (him included) got a bit of a laugh about that. It’s neat to see our riders get on so good and joke with each other. That’s a key with this team. Buddies and team mates too.
Fumiyuki………No pressure………really!!!


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