More power please!

Yesterday and today’s schedule was to get things ready for the team to arrive. Normally I do things like, get a parking spot, get water hooked up to the truck and also power pluged into the truck. This year marks my 6th Austin camp and our 4th year at this fabulous hotel. So much so that they know our arrival dates and have parking saved for us. I park in the same spot each year and the parking guys cone it off in advance for me. With the team truck and our cars, we pretty much take up more than a dozen parking lot spots.
Even though we have been here before, I always ask to use power and water. I don’t want to just “Take” it from the hotel. It is nice to ask and create/keep good relationships with hotels. So I did just that today. I asked to hook up my water hose and power cord. “Of course” they said. Water
was easy as I know where it is an it requires just a short hose to the truck. Power was a different story. After triping the outside breaker
(directy in the outlet located outside the hotel) and resetting it a couple times only to have it trip instantly upon pluging in the cord, I called Dave (soigneur) who is a great handy man. He reminded me of the fact that many outside plugs need to be a certain code and are easily triped with any decent power needs. Outside plugs can barely power more than a drill for example. So I asked the engineer to hook up our power cord to another source
(which Dave reminded me that we did last year). From the roof of the hotel they dropped a power cord with it’s own breaker box and a source powerful enough to run all of our needs. We can sometimes need our washer, dryer and air compressor all at the same time. That’s alot!! So, I’m hooked up to
power and water and after a few things to do organizational wise in the truck, I’m done here for now. Off to do a bit of shopping for supplies. And a bit of relaxing me time before the slew of athletes and staff arrive later tonight.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.