Mega Miles

Since I have two weeks off till we start the Tour of Holland, Juan and I have a fair amount of free time. I’m a little tired of traveling (driving) around for/to races for now. Not really interested in being a tourist around Europe for my time off. Crazy huh? Free time in Europe and not taking advantage of it.
Our free time is spent doing a few things like walking around Gent Centrum to do a bit of shopping. We then sit at various cafes to sip coffee, relax and watch people around us. The best thing about our free time is that we have ridden everyday since the world cup. So far it is Sunday and we have ridden almost 14 hours (in 7 days). That is a lot for me while not at home. Getting form for Killington? We’ll see. For now, I’m trying to keep the pounds off since it impossible to exercise while working. I don’t want to return to California and get mistaken for Jan Ulrich after his (lack of) winter regime.
Most of our riding had been along the canals near our hotel. Many people ride there including families, tourists and racers. It is cool to see huge families riding together along the canal and seconds later a racer motorpacing along at Mach 5. It is not exclusively for bikes as cars zip by from time to time. Not really busy with cars though so that is good for us riders.


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.