Mechanics Advisory Council

The Mechanics Advisory Council is a group of current and past professional race mechanics intent on improving the life of race mechanics, generating more respect from those on the circuit and welcoming additional mechanics to the fold. They are dedicated to (not just dependent on) the continued health of bike riding and competition in all its forms. It is not an owner’s club, or trade union where profit-minded manufacturers support enthusiastic practitioners. It is much more like amateur sports itself, where few ever see glory or money and many work hard for little or no pay, enjoying the satisfaction of bettering the human condition and being outdoors. A group that understands careers and profits in amateur sports are rare and small, that personal inspiration is the big payoff.

M.A.C. created the basic structure by which USCF and later USA Cycling categorizes licensed mechanics, assisted in the decision of Category One upgrades and created and sustained the Race Mechanics’ Clinic.

Past and current M.A.C. members working in, or with, the cycling industry. The members listed below can be reached at the companies listed beside their name.

  • David Arnauckas – Shimano’s Multi-Service Program Supervisor
  • Butch Balzano – currently runs SRAM’s neutral program program
  • Matt Bracken – Vice President of Pedros, Inc.
  • Chris Clinton – Brand Manager at Trek and owner of ProMechanics
  • Gregory Cross – Director of Logistics at USA Cycling
  • Nick DeLauder – Technical rep for Fox Racing Shox
  • TJ Grove – recently retired, works with misc mountain and road programs
  • Andrew Hawkes – USA Cycling’s European Programs Manager
  • Ric Hjertberg – President of MadFiber and owner of
  • Craig ‘Calvin’ Jones – Director of Education at Park Tool
  • Bernard Kocis – currently working the race circuit
  • Daniel Large – Service Manager at Campagnolo North America
  • Adam Micklin – Director of Global Sales at Hayes Bicycle Group
  • Ian Sherbourne – currently working with BMC Racing
  • James Stanfill – Operations Manager at USA Cycling
  • Andy Stone – currently working the race circuit

M.A.C. members not currently working directly with the cycling industry:

  • Mitch Clinton – currently a photographer located in New Mexico
  • Colin ‘Chip’ Howat – Director of C.S.Howat & Associates, recently retired professor at the University of Kansas
  • Jim Ingram – currently residing in Florida
  • Karl Jackson – Keeping it real in Texas
  • Stephen Kent IV – recent Indy Cart race mechanic
  • John Lands – keeping a watchful eye on Texas
  • Steve Richardson – currently a designer at Oakley
  • Bill Woodul – Preparing the way for us all in Mechanics’ Heaven