Low key/Low stress and now onto Rings with Roots

The third annual New York invitational Criterium is done. This race is relatively low key/low stress for our team. Even though we are the highest profile team as the only Division 1 team in the US, this race is not so important. Basically due to the length of the season and it’s placement on the calendar.
But still the work has to get done. But I did not bring much supplies. Minimal to say the least. And not even a spare pair of wheels due to only bringing/driving one car and with our Soigneur extraordinaire Dave B. I brought race wheels for everyone, only two spare bikes and not much more than that.
The rain in the morning kind of made me a bit nervous but it stopped just before our race to make for a better/safer race. Tomorrow, I drive to Milwaukee and park the truck because my next race (big goal of mine) I will need to fly directly from there back to Milwaukee, get the truck and drive to Downers Grove (Chicago) for the US Professional Criterium Championships. Before I go to Chicago I need to do my trip of a life time.
I will be leaving Sunday (August 8) for Athens Greece as the official (and only) men’s road cycling mechanic. There will obviously be other mechanics there for the US delegation. Ken will be primarily there for the Women’s Road team but also help the MTB team and then be the second mechanic for the Track team. Bernard K will be the primary Track mechanic. But we will overlap time slots a little so we will (as usual) help each other out when necessary.
This trip is special to me for many reasons. It is Athens Greece which is a country that I have yet to visit. It is the Olympics which is special for obvious reasons. But to me it is really special because this is where the Olympics was born.
My friend Gord Frasier said he saw the US team clothing and it looked cool to him. I’ll take his word. He even though it had a higher cool factor than his own (Canadian Olympic) team clothing. Both are made by the ROOTS clothing company. I’ve wanted a piece of Roots clothing for some time since seeing it on Canadian athletes in past Olympics etc.
There is the Olympics that comes full circle (to it’s Roots) and I will have some cool Roots clothing.
So for those two reasons I am onto (Olympic) Rings with Roots.


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.