Last year I was last and this year I was second

Tour de Georgia — Stage 1
Peachtree City to Macon

Last year I had truck issues and had to wait at the Augusta hotel to get
it fixed. I did not get to Macon till AFTER the stage finished. Juan had
actually (with the help of Quickstep) washed all the bikes before I got
there. This year I had left the hotel early and the only team to beat me
to Macon was the USA national team. I unloaded the luggage and parked
the truck. I got the really pimp parking spot by the building and close
to power and water. And I had the quick morning exit as I was at the
outermost part of the parking lot. With today being the first stage,
there is little for me to do at the hotel. So a short 30 minute cat nap
is in order after we get lunch and get all the luggage into the rooms.

So, last year I was THE LAST truck to arrive at the hotel. This year I
was the second truck to arrive. Moving on up!!

About an hour before the race is scheduled to finish, I go outside to
get things ready. I get the work stands set up, get a bucket of soapy
water and my degreaser ready so I can go immediately into bike wash
mode. I get my work suit on and my rubber wash boots on too. I’m just
kind of hanging out when I hear police sirens and helicopters buzzing
above. I think to myself that the race is starting to enter town. But
the noises usually go away as the cops and helicopters follow the race
towards the center of town. But this time the cop sirens and helicopters
were buzzing about again. Then it disappeared. Then it came back. It
then dawned on me. The race is finishing close by the hotel. So, I peek
around the corner and see race organization cars ripping by at Mach
speed. Shit! I can actually watch some bike racing. But alas it was the
last lap (of 3 finishing circuits) and the race is pretty much over. But
I get to see our second car come through and I direct them to our truck