Jumped the gun

Our Austin camp starts today. The plan was to rent a small truck, pack it with our equipment (mechanics and soigneurs), drive to Lubbock (where Dave Bolch lives and our team truck was) and head to Austin for our low key new boy camp.
Camp was originally to start on Sunday DEC 28. So, I planed on leaving on Monday Nov 22 and driving three days to Lubbock to get there by Wednesday evening (and be able to spend Turkey day with Dave and his wife). Friday (and part of Turkey day) we were to pack the truck and drive Saturday to be ready for a Sunday arrival of our team.
I was starting to drive by Monday noon I got all the way to the border of California and Arizona in the city of Needles, CA that night. Checking my e-mails that night, I got one from our team which basically said that camp now starts on Tuesday Nov 30. Two days later than had originally scheduled.
I originally told Dave that I would be there Wednesday night but would now spend an extra day in Albuquerque (and see a few extra sights) and be there on Thursday for Turkey day dinner. Well, I did make it to Dave’s house but too late for his late afternoon/early dinner Holiday dinner. I did get left overs.
Dave says that I told him that I would be there Wed afternoon (which I did not) and he just figured I would arrive 24 hours later on Thursday afternoon (in time for his 3:30 Holiday meal). I’ll argue that point to no avail.
Friday and Saturday we spent packing the truck and Dave put the finishing touches on the “kitchen” in it. Sunday we both drove it to Austin and got her by dinner time on Sunday. An easy 7 hours from Dave’s house to our hotel here in Austin. Monday and Tuesday was spent getting cars from a local dealer and doing our final errands/shopping for supplies so we could pick up everyone Tuesday night.
All of our riders arrived without much delay and our first full day of camp starts tomorrow.
I wish I would have had the schedule change in time so I could have spend the time at home (extra two days) and not jump the gun on the 2005 season. Better two days early than two days late I guess.


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