Julien goes today?

For the long rides we have been using two follow cars with the exception of the short days (the 2 hour rides). On those short/easy days, we don’t need as much equipment to follow. For the long days the primary car will take 4 spare bikes in addition to 5 pairs of wheels. The secondary car will take 1 spare bike in addition to 4 or 5 pairs of wheels. We need this much equipment to support 19 riders on each days ride.
On the soigneurs side they will prepare three coolers on the long days. Two will go in the primary car and one will go in the secondary car. To start the ride they will put two bottle per bike and prepare about 35 or more bottles per cooler. That’s a little more than 150 bottles. Good thing it is not hot. If it was they would need so many more bottles.
Yesterday I had asked Julien if Juan and I could stay at the hotel on Thursday so we could prepare the truck to drive to Scottsdale soon after the training ride. Also if we go in the follow car we would be really tired and that would make the drive that much harder. He said we could do that. Thursday’s ride is supposed to be from 9 to 2. Then we mechanics would pack the truck with bikes so Juan and I could drive to the next part of camp.
So I thought for sure I would go in the follow car today. Today was scheduled for a 4 hour ride with the team photos to be taken as well as the individual photos. At breakfast Julien said he and Chris would go in the cars. I was shocked. First I was shocked that I did not have to go. Second I was shocked he was going instead. So far Chris has gone in the follow car the most (5 times) with Geoff second (4 times) with Julien and Juan tied for third (3 times). I’ve only gone twice. That statistic is the most shocking to me. I’m usually told to do most of the following. The reason is Julien says they do so many follow car/caravans that I need to do some so they can rest for the tough Euro season. But I was still surprised Julien goes today.


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