“Jambon et Fromage, Non Merci.”

Yesterday before I got in the car at the start, Dave Bolch one of our soigneurs, told me I got a treat for lunch. Yes, I’m psyched. This race (among his many other tasks) Dave is in charge of lunch for the race every day. Since a lot of races start about 11:00 or 12:00, lunch for me starts almost as soon as the caravan heads out. I usually wait for a while though. There is a promenade and then the real start. I wait for about 20k to eat because most things that go wrong will happen at the beginning (If I missed something that is). Except flats of course. those happen anytime. I broke out lunch and I instantly thought about Wisco. I had a Brat and
cheese sambo.YES! Thanks Dave! Usually it is ham and cheese so today was a great change. I have not gotten to superweek in two years. I truly miss Tom Schuler’s world famous BRAT FEST held each year during superweek. There is no such thing as Brat overflow. Shuler’s party cooks tons. I miss that! Dave is spoiling me. I’ll have to request to do all the races he does so that I get a stellar lunch. I don’t want to leave out Emma O’Reilly. She put some treats in with lunch. A treat called Franzipan. An almond flavored cake with our lunch. Those rock. Damm Emma, How am I going to keep my girlish figure if you put those in the car every day?


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