It’s over before it got started.

Today initially looked to be a busy day. A three hour ride with the remaining sponsors with the energy to go out with the boys. After the ride which finished at 1:00 or so it was pack bikes as fast as possible. There was a 7:00 PM flight for many meaning a 4:45 departure from the hotel. Luckily not all were to fly out but we had to pack all the bikes anyway because the morning group was to depart from the hotel at 7:00 am.
So, Julien and Juan who went in the car to follow took a short break and had some lunch. I started packing since I had the morning off (glad I did not have to go in the follow car). I packed a few and shortly Julien and Juan joined in the packing frenzy. After packing all the bikes and putting them into the groups to fly I looked at my watch and it was about 3:00. Two hours and I was wasted from working so fast.
About a little more than half of the riders and half the staff had flights today. So, the dinner room looked really empty. It was kind of an odd sight because with riders, staff and sponsors, the meal rooms were super busy and super packed. Now the lines to the buffet were nonexistent. Tomorrow morning, I get to drive the ice cream truck home for a short break before Redlands ha ha.
This camp seems to be over before it got started. We’ve only been here for a few days (with everyone). Now it’s a ghost town.


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