I’ll take it with me/kept it with me.

They call it the silly season. The time between seasons where riders change team and all are trying to find out who goes where and for how much. Mechanics (between us at least) are trying to find out which other mechanic goes to which team and who quits. And, we are all trying to find out before Joe average does. I feel lucky to have a good job again. This is my 5 full season with US Postal. Other mechanics were not so lucky. Saturn’s demise led to all of them on the unemployment line. Very sad because I was good friends with Ian, Dave and Toby. Going to miss chatting with them in the parking lot(s).
But there were also positive changes in teams as far as mechanics go. Apparently Navigators losses Mike S and Eva and replaced by Neil. Colavita got (Ex Navigator) Eva and also Randy. HealthNet got (ex 7-UP) Chad G. T-mobile got (ex Prime Alliance) Ken W. Those are only a few of the changes that happened over the winter.
All of us mechanics have our comfort zone and our vehicles are part of that comfort zone. I like our Truck as does Ken likes his old one and I’m sure Neil also. Mike S was a fan of the trailer as was Chad. In a nutshell the order of the new season was take it with you.
I was talking to Eva one day about this subject. Ken took his truck with him from Prime Alliance last year and now using it for T-mobile. Chad took his 7-UP trailer with him to HealthNet (I believe). Eva took her Navigators trailer with her (or should I say Mikes trailer) with her to Colavita. Neil took his Schroder Iron Truck with him to Navigators. So each mechanic basically said I’ll take it with me”
Since I stayed with US Postal, I basically followed the rule and “kept it with me.”


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