I think I’ll sleep a little

Today is the Ride for the Roses fun ride. A 100k (62 mile) ride with Lance, and a slew of other cycling stars and even non cycling stars. The ride started at 8:00 am and our riders decided to ride there so that meant a 7:00 am departure from the hotel. Last night was quite a lot of fun with BJ and Eric. So much fun that I lost track of time (not really) and was out pretty late. I think I got home at 2:30 and went to bed at 3:00.
The next day, I wanted to make sure the guys were ready and their equipment was OK for the ride. I had planed on getting up early. I thought that was going to be tough to do. After years of getting up pretty early I seemed to be able to without too much effort if any. I looked over and saw 6::00 on the clock. I just went to bed three hours ago and I’m up now? How the heck I do that amazes even me sometimes.
One year after the Idaho/HP women’s challenge we had to drive to Cincinnati Ohio in a short amount of time. After dancing till late the night before (and well into the morning) I was in bed about 3 or so that night. Before that night Amy (soigneur) Robin (soigneur) and I decided to get up early and drive. 5:00 am was the departure time. We were gluttons for punishment as we somehow also decided to drive straight through to Ohio without stopping 2 hours of sleep and 36 hours of non stop driving on a rotation. Two would drive and one would sleep. The ratio was four hours of driving and two hours of sleep. Ouch that hurt, but we made it.
I’ve got 27 hours of driving to get back to Sacramento. I’ll be back home for 6 weeks. Philly (week) is next on my schedule. I think I’ll sleep a little.


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