How do you display your bikes?

A common dilemma for teams and companies at events is determining the best method for displaying bikes. Some programs use single bike stands like the Ultimate Rakk while many others use a pipe strung from two a-frames. There are some stock a-frame designs and some programs have created elaborate a-frames in order to cut down the weight being transported in the trailer while retaining the strength necessary to hold a bundle of downhill bikes. These a-frames work well for stashing a number of bikes but they tend to slam together a bit. Plus they aren’t ideal when trying to display a bike to those who are walking by the booth.
So, what are they doing in Europe? We took a cruise through the display area at this year’s Eurobike Outdoor Demo and found that many are using the same methods for storing and displaying their bikes. There were some standouts:

Cannondale: their trailer opens on the side and at the back. The walls fold down at an angle and each contains a number of wheel holders that can place the bike up on the wall or down low allowing people to ogle over them as they walk by.
Cannondale TrailerCannondale wheel mountCannondale wheel mount2

Here are some additional options from Pinarello, Lightweight, Cervelo and others:
Pinarello bike standsLightweight’s flop-over designCervelo standsanother Euro bike stand


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