Hiding in the back of the hotel.

Tour of CA — Stage 3
Stockton to Monterey

There were a few Euro teams that asked me for best directions to the
next hotel. And I know how hard it is to be a foreigner finding the next
hotel. So I helped them all. But as I got on the freeway I saw two team
trucks following me. I guess they were still confused and worried, so
they decided to follow me to the next hotel.

I hope they:
A) have enough gas to not stop
B) don’t have to stop and pee.

Because I had enough gas and did not want to stop and pee. I just wanted
to blaze a trail to the next hotel. My shadows stayed with me the whole
way and safely made it to the Monterey hotel.

When I got there, I was told that all teams were to “park by the tennis
courts”. So, my plan was to drive to our side of the hotel and unload
luggage and put it all away in the rooms and then quickly go park by the
tennis courts and do as the hotel suggested/wanted. I was turning around
the truck on “our side” of the hotel and saw a huge empty parking lot
near our rooms. I looked for water and found it. I took power from my
room since the back of my room was VERY close to the truck. Viola. I had
great parking. I had power and water. And I had a huge parking area all
to myself. OK the all to myself part disappeared quickly. But somehow
only one team figured it out and parked near us. So it was two teams in
a huge area and the other teams all jammed by the tennis courts.

We were hiding in the back of the hotel.

Again I felt sorry for the two Priority Health team mechanics. These two
souls were working late again. Why? I have no clue. But this time no car
running with the lights on and facing them for lights in the dark. Worse
than that was the fact that I saw one mechanic with a helmet type light
on his head to see in the dark. I had to go gas a car and tried to help
them a little. I ran the car and turned it towards them for a while and
went into the room to pretend to do stuff while the car was running.
Giving them some more light for a short while. Not much. Maybe 15
minutes tops. But something better than nothing for these two guys.