Hidden from the public

After a ride Wednesday morning (yesterday) we drove to Philly to stay for the remainder of the week till Sundays pro championship race. Our hotel is pretty good. Pretty great actually.
After unloading the luggage I drove the truck to our parking spot. We parked it in the parking garage under the hotel. With this we had shelter (if it rained), power and water very easily. Probably the only damper to our spot was that it was the area the was also the loading dock area. Trucks came and went and the exhaust was tough to handle not to mention the heat it also provided. So the plan (as always actually) was to work as fast as possible and still do a good job.
So for the next 4 days we are working in the coal mines as Julien calls it. No other team is staying here so that is another bonus. No teams to fight for water, power or parking space. Not that they would have won that battle with me. I try to do my best to be there first and gather the best parking spot for work. If you are 10 minutes late and there are lots of teams staying at your hotel, you can get flicked so quickly. Taken advantage of is the nicest way I can describe being flicked. We are so far from the street, that no one can see us and thus we are well hidden from the public. Now I can work in peace.


Owner of Promechanics.com and long time professional race mechanic.