He rides bikes too

Solvang is a small city and thus we have not had too many people notice we are here. I heard there was an article in the local paper giving a basic description that we are here now for a training camp. Still we have had only a few stop by the parking lot where we are working and looking for us and asking questions. Add to that, we are behind out hotel and not out in plain sight. You have to try a little to find out where we are.
So far people have left gifts for Lance (toys for his kids), left a poem about wheels/cycling. then there are the normal requests for photographs and/or autographs with athletes. One woman was kind enough to offer to host us for dinner at her house. She lives a half mile away from our hotel. Her next door neighbor is the drummer for the big hair band Whitesnake. I think (was told) he was a drummer for some other bands too. He stopped by the hotel on his bike. He looked like a typical rocker guy. But his bike was bad ass. He rolled up on a Colnago C40. I’ll guess his bike was an easy $4,000. Not the thing I’d think a rocker would spend his money on for his recreational fun.
There is a guitarist who was with the band The Wallflowers. He is no longer with them now. But he was for a while. He is also a Category 3 bike racer. For a while (and maybe still) he raced for the Saturn team. Totally on his own but the team gave him a home bike, a race bike and all the clothing the pros got. He would do races in his area AND do gigs from time to time. Interesting who rides and races bikes.
Today or second rider arrived at 1 and 5 more arrived at 3ish. Lance was here since Sunday night. I’d her people say they spotted Lance. We would just say “REALLY?” Lance took care of his so one is out of the way. We encouraged today’s arrivals to go for a ride. They came down and tweaked their bikes. That took about 30 minutes to take care of about 6 guys. The first time on their new bikes, the tweaking is normal. We can get their position close based upon their bike from last year, but they will always tweak it more. A millimeter here, a millimeter there and they are done. Some more than others. This was good as they would go for a ride tomorrow and getting 7 or so of them totally done will make it easier. Now we only have to tweak about 12 of them now.


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