Half Way

Today was the uphill prologue TT here at the Redlands stage race. As usual it is lots of things to do and lots of work to do for such a short stage. It is 5k long (3 miles) and it (like other TTs) requires much more work per mile traveled than most road races.
Eric and I got through it without much fanfare. All of our riders made the uphill trek without any problems to speak of. At least they did not tell me if they had a problem. I’ll take it as a clean problem free race even if they did have a problem but felt they did not need to hassle me about it.
With today’s (prologue) TT out of the way, I have only one more TT to go. That one will be next week in the Sea Otter Stage race. So one (TT) down and one (TT) to go. Half Way there!!!!!!
Diary: Borrowed car after an easy days work
Today was the highland circuit race. It was a relatively short stage and also an easy days work. Since it ended early Eric and I pounded out the bikes and easily made dinner. After two one months stints in Europe in 2000, races like Redlands and Sea Otter seem like holidays. Short stages and no hotel transfers make for a (relatively) easy days worth of work.
After an easy days work we were rewarded with dinner with another mechanic and one of our mutual sponsors. Andy Stone was gracious enough to take us out to dinner. Since we only have two vehicles here Eric and I had to walk a short distance to dinner. No big deal really. Afterwards though, I asked my friend (whom I won’t incriminate) for a ride back to the hotel. To my surprise he just tossed me the keys to his team car and went to the coffee shop with his girlfriend in another team car. He and I are good friends but it was still a pleasant surprise that he was OK with me driving his team car back to the hotel. A hearty thanks to my good friend.


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