Grid lock in the parking lot

Giro Stage 12
Up at: 6:00
Breakfast: 6:30
Depart for race 9:00 (Note: This is the first time the guys rode their bikes to the start — Normally always by bus even if it is close. Traffic can be tough so we want to protect the guys from issues. But this is a mountain area and not so much traffic this AM.
It is kind of cool on days like today (and before once or twice) when we pass our hotel at the end of the stage. It makes it easier to find it when you see it at the end of the stage. But like the stage in Grosetto we passed it with a few Ks to go. So again Lorenzo and I stopped here without passing the finish line. I was able to unload bikes and Allen got to washing before Geoff returned in the first car (after they went to the finish).
This hotel is nice but the parking lot is super small. And there are only a total of two teams here. Besides ourselves it is Quickstep in this hotel. The parking lot is so full it is like a puzzle getting our cars in, parked and enough space to do our work. Not just as simple as zipping in, parking and unloading. There was a line (of the two teams) team cars plus a race sponsor or two waiting to find a parking spot. Literally there was about space to park about 25 or 30 cars. But with our team truck and team bus taking up about 10 spots each and Quickstep bus and truck taking up an equal amount it left little space for the cars.
A good rest day a few days ago gave me a boost. So, Allen and I took a walk down the road to a bar to have a drink before heading to bed. Nothing to elaborate but just a nite cap so to speak. It was an odd place to get a drink. The small bar (in this small town) was connected to the gas station of all places. At least I know were to get gas tomorrow before the stage.


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