Great Logistics.

Yesterday we drove to Lancaster after the two criteriums we did in the Arlington/DC area. Last year we went directly to Philly and stayed at a beautiful hotel and drove to the Lancaster race and back to Philly afterwards.
This was so much nicer. We stayed at the hotel the was at the corner of turn 1 of the race. The hotel entrance was 300 meters from the start line. I parked my truck about 100 meters from where the start line was later to be erected. No driving to the race today. Riders came down the stairs of the hotel and onto their bikes. They then went to the Soigneurs van to get bottles, some food, oils for the legs, and finally radios. So easy this was. As the race ended we gathered the bikes and put them in the truck after a buck fifty wash (D. Pitz and I coined that for a quick bike wash). Almost instantly Julien Devriese (Head mechanic) Juan (mechanic) and I had a great steak dinner. It made the Outback Steak dinner BJ and I had (in Vegas) pale in comparison and the Outback is no slouch when it comes to steaks. About 9:30 PM or so and we were back in our hotel and resting. We could not have had such a great dinner if we stayed in Philly due to the drive time back there and having a race provided (boring) buffet dinner. We usually don’t get back to Philly till about 10:00 or 10:30 after the Lancaster race. I think that was about as perfect as we could have had it. That was great logistics


Owner of and long time professional race mechanic.